Reuters – Lebanon: Humanitarian crisis unfolds in south

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“Relief agencies working in the south of Lebanon say there is a shortage of medical supplies, particularly for infants and children. In addition, attempts to provide medical assistance to victims are being thwarted by the bombardment.

“The blockade has started to affect the availability of essential supplies,” says HRW’s Sarah Leah Whitson. “Israel must facilitate the provision of food and other humanitarian aid, and assure those providing assistance that they are not risking their lives to do so.”

Hospital officials in the southern town of Mayss el-Jabal, said the local hospital is facing “a water shortage, and diesel oil shortage for its machines”.

“In an attempt to meet these demands, the Permanent Mission of Lebanon to the UN on Tuesday presented a list of emergency needs requested by its government. It includes food, milk, nappies, cooking utensils, medicines, tents, blankets, bulldozers, generators and fire-fighting equipment.”


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