Justice for Lebanon Petition

To:  UN, UN Security Council, EU and International NGOs working in the Human Rights and Peace fieldWe seek attention to the escalating violence of the past days in the Middle East, with a special focus on the bombing of civilians and public in Lebanon and note with deep concern the passive role of the international community towards stopping the human rights abuses in Lebanon and the Middle East. We, the undersigned:

1)Strongly condemn all actions taken against civilians, public and governmental and non-governmental agencies in Lebanon,
2)Strongly condemn the use of prohibited weapons including chemical weapons by the Israeli Army in its war on civilians in Lebanon,
3)Condemn impartial attitudes from the international communities,
4)Strongly urge efforts from the United Nations, the Security council, the United States of America and the European Union to pressure the involved parties to stop civilian attacks and victims,
5)Seek recognition of the Israeli crimes committed against human rights and humanity
6)Endorse mental, financial and political support for rebuilding efforts.


The Undersigned



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