Disarming Hezbollah

On Saturday, the UN said at least 600 Lebanese have been killed and over 3,220 injured in the conflict so far while nearly 800,000 have been displaced.

[Shebaa farms is an area of Lebanon that Israel still occupies, I believe Hezbollah have offered to disarm before if Israel give the Shebaa farms area back and returns all Lebanese prisoners] 

He said: “I’d like to remind you that the Shebaa Farms is not a property of Hezbollah. It’s a property of Lebanon and it’s for all the Lebanese.

“So anyone who would say that giving this land back to Lebanon would be considered a victory for Hezbollah is mistaken. This issue has to be looked at in totality. Lebanon gets back its land and, ultimately, Israel gets a safe border.”

He said: “Hezbollah has expressed many times that it has the following objectives: liberating Lebanese occupied land, getting maps of all landmines planted in southern Lebanon during the Israeli occupation, and securing the release of our detainees who are held in Israeli jails.”

He further said that those who want Hezbollah to disarm they should work on removing the causes that are enabling the Shia group to keep its weapons rather than exerting pressure on it.

“There are reasons why Hezbollah’s military wing exists. If we take them away, there will be no reason for it to continue.”



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  1. […] Also he raises the issue of the Sheeba Farms, a part of Lebanon which is still occupied by Israel and should be considered if realistically trying to disarm Hezbollah […]

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