Israeli Cricket protests – Glasgow Stop the War

this post is old, click here for extra up-to-date information – recent news stories from the 5th Aug protest

Stop the War 1 Israel 0

News has just broke that Israel’s first match on thursday has been cancelled!

saturday and sundays matches are scheduled to be played at Glasgow Academicals ground at Anniesland X, NOT Hillhead or Paisley.

At yesterdays vigil in the square we found out that all the matches had been shifted to Anniesland. A few hours later we got phonecall saying venue was being changed again but we could not get any information as to where. This morning we were told thursdays match had been cancelled (due to a lack of a cricket ground willing to stage the match)! As far as we know the weekends matches are still going ahead. It looks like we got Israel On The Run (that could be a chant).

The lesson here is that we should not let up in our campaigning around this, who knows maybe the match may finish 3-0 to us!

BBC News article

Israelis claim cricket stopped by “Muslim threats,” I think not.

STOP These Cricket Games
Israeli Soldiers Out of Scotland – Oppose the Brutes
Besiege the Israeli soldier-cricketers while their comrades besiege Lebanon and Palestine
Invade the pitch to protest the invasion of Lebanon

Everybody in Scotland who is enraged with Israel’s crimes should try to be in Glasgow this weekend.  Where the Israeli soldiers appear for recreation from their brutal work – that is the front line in the campaign against war crimes and for solidarity with the people of Lebanon and Palestine.  Israeli killing of civilians continues across the whole of Palestine and Lebanon.  The bombing of Beirut continues.  Israel PM Olmert says Israel will empty an area of Southern Lebanon of all its Arab population. This brutal plan continues the Israeli clearing of most of Palestine of its Arab inhabitants.

Israel crushes Palestinian sport: Israel bombs Palestinian sports grounds, arrests team members, prevents free movement through its military control, steals most of the water resources that would support Palestinian would-be swimmers. The cancellation of today’s Israeli cricket match was the result of widespread revulsion among the public over the massacres by Israeli soldiers of Lebanese and Palestinians – they fear, correctly, that the appearance of off-duty Israeli soldiers in cricketing whites will provoke widespread protests.  On Saturday and Sunday, they intend to try to play at the Glasgow Academicals ground, which is protected by a strong two metre-spiked fence perimeter.PRESS RELEASE
cricket match in Glasgow cancelled Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign calls for intensified pressure to have this tour cancelled by the cricketing authorities: they should take a leaf out of the book of the International Film Festival in neighbouring Edinburgh where the Israeli link has been cut because of the Israeli massacres in Lebanon and Palestine .  This tour should be cancelled and the Israeli soldiers asked to leave ScotlandContact the Club to demand that they refuse to allow their grounds to be used by Israel:
0141 959 4569
Phone (Fraser Murray): 07905 376 151/0141 959 5354

We need to send a message to the Middle East by STOPPING these games. If the cricketing authorities fail to cancel the games, then decent citizens have to fill the human rights gap by vigorously protesting each match


Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 August
Assemble 12 noon at:

Glasgow Accies Sports Club
The Pavilion
21 Helensburgh Drive 
G13 1RR 


Check or  0795 800 2591 / 0780 32 44 739 for updates


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