Lebanon sees rare unity and a spirit of humanity

Thousands of Lebanese have reached across the sectarian and religious divide to help hundreds of thousands of mostly Shia refugees fleeing Israel’s bombardment in the south of the country

“We have been expecting something different because of the political differences in Lebanon. But here I found that we are all Lebanese and I found a spirit of humanity. If you leave the politicians out of this then we are all unified,” said Mohammad Kafani

“You know there’s nothing like home. These people are displaced but when they see a smiling face and people care and provide them with food and water that really helps,”

Despite the gestures of solidarity, many activists are concerned by the prospective long-term fallout if the fighting continues and the displaced are unable to return to their homes.

“I think the longer this continues the harder it will become. The government is not helping and the NGOs are running out of resources,” Samidoun activist Hachem said.



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