“the obscene score-card” children suffering the most


  • 508 Lebanese civilians
  • 46 Hizbollah Guerillas
  • 26 Lebanese soldiers

Lebanese victims are 87% civilian


  • 36 Israeli soldiers
  • 19 Israeli civilians

Israeli vicitms are 35% civilian

There are 26 times more Lebanese civilian victims than Israeli.  Disporportionate is too weak a word, its more like obscene.

“In dozens of attacks, Israeli forces struck an area with no apparently military target,” the [human rights watch] report states.

In a particularly damning section it concludes that “in some cases, the timing and intensity of the attack, the absence of a military target, as well as return strikes against rescuers, suggest that Israeli forces deliberately targeted civilians”.

Civilian deaths ‘should be seen as war crime’ – casualty count

03/08/2006, above figures from Robert Fisk, The Independent

The Independent front cover, from the same day, has more recent figures

  • Of the 615 dead in Lebanon. 45% are children
  • Of the 3,225 injured. 33% are children
  • Of the 960,000 refugees. 45% are children

Help save the children, victims of war

Traumatised and afraid – 300,000 children who want to go home


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  1. […] Statistics of casualties showing 87% civilian casualties “the lack of a military target … suggests the Israelis are delibertly targeting civilians” Human rights watch.  From “the obscene score card” […]

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