Results: Stop the War demo in London and Cricket protest in Glasgow

Stop the War spokesman John Rees told AFP that the protest was to hammer home a message to Blair. he insisted.

It’s about telling the British and US governments that we want an unconditional cease-fire. We’re the people who have the power to stop the Israelis in Lebanon,” 

“Their silence is permitting mass murder in Lebanon by the Israeli forces. Look at the casualties: it’s eight to one.” 

Reclaiming space

Al Jazeera

Lenins Tomb

The Sharp Side

The Independent 

Indymedia UK


the BBC reporting is very bias towards Israel so read with care

The Fanonite

The Socialist Worker



Why the demonstrations are so important

“There is immense anger among rank-and-file members of the Labour Party and backbench MPs.”

Public opinion gives the critics of Blairs policies much more credibility and puts them in a better position to add greater pressure for an unconditional and immediate ceasefire.

Blair admits to cabinet splits over his support for Bush on Israel


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