Fellow Scots in Israeli line of fire visit Dundee

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign member Gordon Club has been in the West Bank for the last three weeks. He has seen and been a victim of unprovoked Zionist brutality. He will be speaking about his experiences Tuesday 14th August 7:30pm Room G7 Tower Building Dundee University.

Walking back to a peaceful protest from the UN office I saw that the Israelis had started attacking the crowd and my friend. When I asked them to calm down and tell them that we are internationals I was thrown about, punched and Oliver was kicked.

The Palestinian was about to be sick because of the pepper spray so they dragged him and the American out, kicking Oliver because he was in the way. Whilst he was being sick they were both kicked repeatedly in the street. The American was later hit twice with a thick UN report by the policeman. We were driven to the police station where we were told to strip. We were made to face a wall outside in the sun and then they interrogated us. Full Report


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