Edinburgh Demo 12th August: End Israeli terror + Lebanons call to action

The 12th of August was a big day, marking the start of a campaign of civil resistance in Lebanon and also an international day of action.  In Scotland this culminated with a large and vibrant protest in Edinburgh.  Its fair to say this was one of the largest protests I’ve seen in Scotland, aside from the G8, and people were remarkably motivated.

August 12 marks the start of this Campaign of Resistance, declaring Lebanon an Open Country for Civil Resistance. August 12 also marks the international day of protest against the Israeli aggression.

On August 12 at 7 am, we will gather in Martyrs’ Square [Beirut] to form a civilian convoy to the south of Lebanon. Hundreds of Lebanese and international civilians will carry relief as an expression of solidarity for the inhabitants of the heavily destroyed south who have been bravely withstanding the assault of the Israeli military.

Lebanon Solidarity “A country open for civil resistance”

12th August in Lebanon


12th August in Edinburgh



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