Chomsky backs Raytheon 9

Noam Chomsky has described the nine protesters who ‘decommissioned’ the Raytheon software plant in Derry last week as ‘wonderful’ and an inspiration. The Raytheon software plant, an integral part of the US Raytheon defence company responsible for weapons of mass destruction and a key supplier to Israel, was stormed by protesters on Friday.

Veteran socialist, Eamonn McCann? and colleagues from the Derry AntiWar? Coalition, stormed the plant just after 8:00 o’clock on Friday morning. A bigger group of protesters remained outside the plant, offering support and explaining the action. Local Greens were part of the support demo outside the plant.

Chomsky has written to a member of the local anti-war coalition, welcoming the protest. In his message, referring to the Derry protesters, Chomsky wrote: “Wonderful people. Very glad to hear it. Even the very slight association I had with Irish resistance was really inspiring for me.”

Chomsky’s endorsement contrasts vividly with the response of local Sinn Fein representative, Maeve McLaughlin?, who has joined a dishonest chorus of politicians who are using the destruction of computers during the demonstration to walk away from the protesters and abandon them to the Crown prosecutors. The nine face scheduled offences of aggravated burglary, which could deprive them of an opportunity to put their case to a jury, as they may be forced to go before a Diplock Court. The Irish News published a cartoon Saturday, portraying Israeli pilots decrying the destruction of computers while they rained bombs on Lebanon. The cartoon offered a timely riposte to those seeking to distance themselves from the Raytheon 9.

A Green Party spokesperson in Derry, responding to the Raytheon demonstration, said: “The actions taken by the protesters in attempting to decommission the Raytheon plant were in keeping with the rights of citizens everywhere to defend the lives and rights of those who are victims of war crimes. The US, the UK and others have, for weeks, tactitly endorsed the slaughter of children and other civilians in Lebanon. The Raytheon company – as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction and supplier of hardware to Israel -is complicit in war crimes and has no future in Derry. We trust that the wide coaliton of progressive forces now waged against Raytheon’s continued presence in Derry will now step up their efforts for the endgame.”

The Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign held a regular monthly vigil outside the Raytheon plant on Saturday. About thirty men, women and children took part. PSNI members filmed the demonstration.

help the Raytheon 9


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