George Galloway broadcasts live from warzone – Beirut Lebanon

I’ve only listened to the show on the 26th but it was very good, esp when they interviewed an ex-british serviceman who was stationed in Palestine from 1946(?) witnessing the beginnings of Israel.

Download here

if you have problems using torrents, smaller excepts are available here

Lenins Tomb

George Galloways profile on talksport


George Galloway makes radio history tonight as he conducts the first ever phone-in from inside a war zone as he presents his show live from Beirut.
talkSPORT presenter and MP George Galloway is set to make history this weekend as he holds what is believed to be the first ever radio phone-in LIVE from a war zone.
As the most controversial exponent of Middle East politics, Galloway will broadcast his outspoken beliefs that will undoubtedly evoke a whirlwind of apathy, scorn and outrage from listeners – LIVE from Beirut on Saturday and Sunday night only on talkSPORT.
Speaking about the ‘mother of all talk shows’ coming live from Beirut, Galloway said: “I’m the first British political figure to visit the wreckage of Beirut and the south of Lebanon, seeing for myself the enormous toll taken by 33 days of aerial bombardment.
“I’ll be reporting to talkSPORT listeners on just what I’ve found here and inviting guests from across the spectrum in Lebanon who know what they’re talking about.
“I’ll be taking calls from the listeners across the UK as normal during this two day special on the conflict in the Middle East, its fundamental causes and, a way forward for peace.”


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