Qatar Airways to defy Israeli blockade on Beirut

Agence France Presse | 3 September 2006

Qatar Airways has decided to resume direct flights between Doha and Beirut “within the next 24 hours” despite the Israeli blockade on Lebanon, a company spokeswoman told AFP.

“We have asked for authorisation from the Lebanese authorities and they have given it. Therefore flight QR 422 is going to go to Beirut,” said the spokeswoman, who did not wish to be named.

“Qatar Airways will become the first international carrier to make a commercial flight into Beirut since the war ended,” she added Sunday.

Israel imposed an air and sea blockade on Lebanon at the outset of its 34-day conflict with the Shiite Hezbollah militia on July 12.

The blockade is being maintained despite United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 calling for it to be lifted.

The only two companies which have since the blockade been authorised to operate commercial flights to Beirut, via Amman, are Middle East Airlines (Lebanese) and Royal Jordanian.

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