Our Parents couldn’t stop it in 1975, are we going to relive it in 2007? You may be feeling powerless in the midst of colors and slogans, propaganda and violence. You may be sitting at home anxious about your present and fearful for your future. Perhaps you have already turned off the news. There are ALWAYS alternative and peaceful channels to turn to. As concerned citizens we reject empty promises, propaganda, subliminal calls to violence, and sectarian rhetoric. We refuse civil war. Act immediately before it is too late. Join us to create a human chain, hand in hand, in Beirut on Saturday, February 10th at 2 pm to take a stand and publicly demand a dialogue to end the political deadlock immediately. (See map) We call on the politicians to sit down and resolve this crisis. Compromise is not Failure. Resolve it, Solve it CREATE A SOLUTION THERE’S NO EXCUSE Demand CIVIL solutions NOW and say NO CIVIL WAR


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