Lebanese fire at Israeli aircraft

Lebanon’s military says it has fired anti-aircraft rounds against Israeli jet fighters violating its airspace. The aircraft were flying at low altitude over southern Lebanon, but none appear to have been hit.

It is reported to be the first time the Lebanese military has fired at the Israeli aircraft, which make regular sorties over southern Lebanon.

Beirut and the United Nations say the flights violate a ceasefire agreement sanctioned by the UN Security Council.

Israel says the sorties are to make sure that weapons are not being smuggled into southern Lebanon to re-supply Hezbollah militants.

The UN says the flights undermine the efforts of its peacekeepers to maintain stability in the area.

Hezbollah and Israel fought a 34-day conflict in 2006, in which Israeli air power caused massive destruction to south Lebanon. Fighting ended in August under the terms of the UN ceasefire resolution.



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