An Interview With Professor Ilan Pappe

Professor Ilan Pappe is one of Israel’s acclaimed New Historians who debunked the idealized Zionist version of the Jewish State’s history and exposed that massacre, rape and dispossession of the native Palestinians that attended its foundation. Prof. Pappe is an advocate for a single secular democratic state in historic Palestine with equal rights for Jews and Arabs. His outspoken views put him out of favour with the Israeli mainstream and recently he has decided to leave Israel to teach at Exeter University. Shortly after the Lebanon war, my friend Rena Bivens of the Glasgow University Media Group and I had interviewed Prof. Ilan Pappe at the Glasgow University’s Media Unit. Here Prof. Pappe discusses issues ranging from the recent war, Israeli politics, the Israel lobby to the role of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in facilitating the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.


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