Galloway Indicts the British Government

“Galloway, without a doubt, is the finest orator on either side of the Atlantic. Doesn’t it say something about the state of British democracy that, while everything he says is true, his is the only voice uttering it.” Fanonite

“She [UK Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett] talked about supporting the Government and the people of the Lebanon…..she wasnt much help to the Government of the Lebanon when its prime minister was weeping on television, begging for a ceasefire, when the British and American Governments alone in the world were refusing and indeed blocking any attempts to demand an immediate ceasefire of the Israeli bombardment, worse, she wasnt much help to the Government or the people of the Lebanon when British airports were being used for the trans shippment of American weapons to Israel that were raining down death and destruction on the very people of Lebanon she now says she stands beside.  But of course that was code for saying she does not support the million demonstators in the square in Beirut who are demanding democracy…. She describes the Government of the Lebanon as a democratic Government….  There is no democratic Government in the Lebanon.  If there was a democracy in Lebanon Hassan Nasrallah would be the president because he would get most votes.  But of course he can’t be the president, because you have to be a Christian to be the president, and you have to be a Sunni to be the prime minister, and you have to be a Shite to be the speaker.  Its precisely the opposite of democracy they have in Lebanon.  Its a sectarian building block government they have in the Lebanon, and more over its one that is based on a census more  than 50 years out-of-date [Religious communities shared power based on population size which has changed drastically since the origional census].  If the million demonstrators had been in the Ukrane or Bellarus or Georgia they’d be being described as the Orange Revolution or some other epiphet, perhaps the Cedar Revolution even.”  George Galloway

Its interesting to look at the British Embassy website in Lebanon.  Its guilty of the same thing as the Foreign Secretary –

The purpose of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is to work for the United Kingdom’s interests in a safe, just and prosperous world.

The Embassy works for those aims in Lebanon.

The UK supported the bombing of Lebanon to its total destruction for the kidnapping of two soldiers by Hezbollah (Israels stated reason) – thats just, peaceful or promoting prosperity?  If I was Lebanese I’d find this insulting, a good example of terrible UK propaganda….


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