BBC bias again….

The war began on the 12 July 2006 after Hezbollah fighters abducted 2 Israeli soldiers and killed 8 in a cross border raid. 

Again the BBC is following the Israeli Governments timeline of events “the war started on the 12 July 2006.”  An unbiased source would call the 12th the day Israel dramatically escalated recent small scale border conflicts, perpitrated by BOTH sides, into all out war.

This is bad enough but now they also seem to have added “Hezbollah fighters…. killed 8 in a cross border raid.”  This seems like a completly new way of looking at what happened.  The Israeli Government had said the war was about freeing two “kidnapped” soldiers.  There was no meantion of the 8, I imagine the Israeli Government didn’t mention them  in their PR campaign because this happened after the two soldiers were taken and their IDF comrades decided to launch an equally illegal mission over the blue line into Lebanon to retreve them.  The tanks then ran into landmines and the soldiers died.  To say Hezbollah abducted two and killed 8 in a raid suggests this was part of the same action when really it was a seperate Israeli “cross border raid” in retaliation, but just as illegal.  Overall the BBC statement is over simplistic if not a lie and certainly has a bias slant against Hezbollah.


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