Blacksmiths of Lebanon: Army Aide

Interesting post by Blacksmiths Jade, I wonder what future war all this military equipment is intended for?  Civil war?  My guess is that the US would rather see Lebanese fight its enemy Hezbollah than its partner Israel.  Makes better PR…

This is a post I started preparing some time ago. In light of recent developments I thought it would be a good time to publish it with the following updates reflecting the current situation:

  • Arab League Secretary General, Amr Moussa, revealed yesterday that some Arab states had already begun delivery of weapons and ammunitions in support of the Lebanese Army’s efforts to combat an insurgency launched in the Nahr el-Bared camp by Syrian-sponsored fundamentalist group, Fatah al-Islam.

  • The Unites States has prepared an emergency $280 million military aide package in response to an urgent request by the Lebanese government in light of its confrontation with gunmen in the Nahr el-Bared camp. Reports indicate that $220 million of the funds have been earmarked for the Army while $60 will go to the ISF.

Below you will find (a portion of) the original post.

Lebanese Army Equipment Upgrades:

  • Delivered
  1. 50 Land Rover utility vehicles from the UK
  2. 20 (of 285) Humvees from the US,
  3. 9 Gazelle helicopters from the UAE
  4. 5 10-meter naval patrol craft from the UAE
  5. 5 15-meter naval patrol craft from the UAE
  • Forthcoming
  1. $39 million in 2006 used to purchase 12 5-tonne trucks, 4 Bell 212 helicopters and repair of Lebanese Air Force’s 23 Bell UH-1H helicopters
  2. 45 Leopard-1 Tanks from Belgium
  3. A minimum of 20 M109 155 mm self-propelled Howitzers from Belgium
  4. 2 36-meter naval patrol craft with blue-water capability from Germany
  5. 265 Humvees from the US

(Primary Source)

Blacksmiths of Lebanon: Army Aide


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