Know your enemy – Frances FM Kouchner

Kouchner, a former French minister of humanitarian affairs, last went to Lebanon in an official capacity during the civil war.

“You know how much I feel personally attached to Lebanon,” he said.

French FM pledges support for Lebanon government | Ya Libnan | Lebanon News Live from Beirut

So what makes Kouchner so much more appealing to Israel?

Kouchner, who was born to a Jewish father and a Protestant mother, is close to right-wing Jewish MP Pierre Lellouche, who advises Sarkozy on international issues. And Kouchner received an honorary degree from Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba at the height of the second intifada…

Kouchner at the diplomatic helm, coupled with the new American-style National Security Adviser Jean-David Levitte – former French ambassador to Washington – Sarkozy is making good on his pledge of support to his American friends.

Kouchner and Levitte broke ranks with the French government in 2003, refusing to oppose the invasion of Iraq. Kouchner published an article in Le Monde arguing the positives in toppling Saddam Hussein.

Meanwhile in Israel, some have already registered their satisfaction:

Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu has said that with the coming to power of his friend Sarkozy, he expects French Middle East policy “will no longer be characterized by reflective anti-Israelism.”

For the full article see the Fanonites site –

Bernard Kouchner: Israel Got Lucky « The Fanonite


2 Responses

  1. So having a Jewish father and being friends with a Jewish MP are satisfactory conditions to make an individual your ennemy? That’s very scary.

  2. No I think youve chosen to read into this what you want, you want to believe this to be the case, infact two of my biggest heroes have Jewish fathers, Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky.

    Its all the other evidence added together that makes me suspicious of him. Especially given the new focus of the incoming French Government. I was just trying to show another side to the story I was reading in the Lebanese press.

    With the poor performence of Western Leaders at stopping the murder of people in Lebanon last july, theyre all my enemies until they do something to prove otherwise (not because of a love of Lebanon but because of my hatred of war/murder, you might notice my current criticism of the Lebanese Governments action in Nahr Al-Bared). kouchner was a supporter of the illegal and immoral Iraq war, for that reason alone he is my enemy. And as a supporter of such a massive US crime, Lebanon should be very careful, Im sure he’d back another US/Israel war against them.

    Sadly though I guess I might be suspicious that a Jewish person might support Israel. This is not because of anti-semitism, but because Israel is the self proclaimed Jewish State. I’d be equally suspicious if I met an evangelical christian who also have a reputation for supporting Israel. Suspicion they might support Israel is not enough to make someone my enemy however. Blind support for the crimes of the Israeli state is.

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