Blacksmiths of Lebanon: Syria’s Media Insurgency in Lebanon

An article exploring the issues of Hariri and the government supporting militias, trying to discount it or play it down.  I find anyone that considers the attrocities commited in Nahr Al-Bared as a victory or as something worth uniting behind has already lost credibility as a source.  This is still worth reading for an alternative perspective.

Almost as soon as the Syrian-backed Fatah al-Islam group launched a series of suprise attacks on Lebanese Army outposts and patrols, Syria’s other allies in the country mounted a suprise attack of their own, attempting to transform a battle that should have rallied all Lebanese together in the defense of the state into a partisan conspiracy aimed at breaking any potential unity that could have arisen out of this week’s national tragedy and impending victory.

Blacksmiths of Lebanon: Syria’s Media Insurgency in Lebanon


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  1. Hey Justice,

    Although everyone shares in the hurt Palestinian Refugees have been exposed to at the hands
    of these terrorists, once has to respect the fact that despite the Army’s heavy artillery
    barrage and the fact that the surprise attacks on their outposts required that they have a
    heavy handed approach, they have moved to secure safe passage for those Refugees capable of leaving the camp, and of sending in supplies for those incapable. Meanwhile, the Fatah al Islam
    terrorists have commandeered their cars and homes, shot at them when they have tried to leave
    and continue to hold a number of them hostage. So far the number of dead civilians is 20, less than the number of dead Lebanese Army soldiers, and less than the number of dead terrorists.

  2. Hello Jade,

    I completly disagree with the military tactics employed in this situtation (and Im sure they are illegal under geneva conventions). I condem them as I did in the past when the USA used them in Fallujah and when Israel used them in its July War or in Gaza. There is never a justification for laying seige to a whole population in order to catch a few criminals. I do however agree that such militias are very dangerous and should be dealt with. The military should be a last resort though, firstly a political solution, or the criminal justice system should be used. But as far as is being reported, Lebanon is being driven towards a civil war to kill some bank robbers who stole $1,500 – $150,000, while most people applaud and 30,000+ are suffering terribly.

    As for the conduct of the Lebanese Army, Im sorry to see them suffer for a Government policy thats incorrect. But I’m unsure that they are behaving well, an army is designed to kill, can they ever behave well [1]? Firstly they are shelling a camp of civilians. The people dont appear to be getting enough aid in as its needed (surely the army bears responsibility for this?)[2]. Its not relevent to compare figures of dead and Im further unsure that the civilian toll is truely known yet, considering the army is trying to block news coming from the camp[3].

    Two interesting quotes

    Later, he adds [Lebanese Soldier], it was like being in a movie. “A drunk state in which you don’t care whether you’re shooting at children, the elderly or militants. [1]

    “The army have been killing us, they were hitting anything that moved,” [1]

    Also theres reports that theres also another militia attack the camp, so it might not just be the Army.

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