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This blog was origionally created as a part of a fund raising campaign for the Lebanese Red Cross during the July War. It has grown arms and legs and is now a project in itself.  I hope you find it a useful tool to learn more with me about Lebanon.

The following is from the old about page 😀

Why we exist


The United Nations has warned of a “humanitarian crisis” in Lebanon. In response we are organising a fundraising campaign in Tayside Scotland to support the work of the Red Cross.

The situation is dire with

  • 500,000 refugees in Lebanon with no food or shelter
  • 150,000 Lebanese refugees in Syria
  • People are continually under military attack with approximately 377 dead and over 1500 injured
  • Children being the most effected “55 percent of all casualties at the Beirut Government University Hospital are children of 15 years of age or less”
  • The Lebanese Government calling for emergency supplies of “food, milk, nappies, cooking utensils, medicines, tents, blankets, bulldozers, generators and fire-fighting equipment.”
  • The Red Cross asking for $8,000,000 for its emergency needs this month
  • The UN Humanitarian Chief asking for $150,000,000 to help the Lebanese people

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Lebanons 9/11

please view this casualty count


Top 5 popular News posts

  1. Galloway 1 – Sky News 0
  2. Stop the war demo in London and cricket protest in Glasgow
  3. Noam Chomsky: War in Lebanon
  4. Qana massacre II
  5. Robert Fisk: If they showed you the truth you wouldnt allow anymore wars


We defy anyone to watch this 6 minute video, entitled MORE TIME TO BOMB, and not be so enraged at the scale of Israel’s atrocities in Lebanon and Gaza, that they commit themselves to persuade everyone they know to join the Stop the War
Demonstration on 23rd September Manchester. Circulate all your friends with the link to this video and with the details of the demonstration.

Stop the War Demo, Manchester 23/09/2006
MORE TIME TO BOMB (6 minute video):

excerpts from the video interviewing Tony Blair –

“can i declair prime minister what your message is to Israel – is your message stop now, because as you said ‘what is happening in Lebanon is a catastrophy’ or is your message carry on until the international plan is developed.”

“I find it extemely odd that you want the killing to go on while we find a plan”

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